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Sharon’s Sunflowers

Yellow Sunflowers ©

Yellow Sunflowers ©

Missouri Confluence

Missouri River, Eagles Flyby

The Dream

The Dream

The path I choose
Is too far to walk
So I must run
Or I will lose

I am reaching high
But I can’t oppose
This thing called me
And this verse of prose

Who taught my soul
To do this thing
The search for me
The dream.                     April 23, 1991   Sharon L. Carr

Autumn’s Promise

Autumn’s Promise

Leaves, brown crisp
Devoid of reds and golds
Gray clouds, veil sun
Air heavy , with promise

Leaves dance in breezes
Pumpkins dot gardens
Cornstalks last stand
I watch at the window

A raindrop splatters
And then more
The puddles fill
Wet mist covers trees

The scent of moist,
Chilled air, takes my breath
I wrap myself and watch
Autumns promised rain. Sharon L. Carr 1989

Life’s Continuum

Shadow of two persons.

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My mother’s shadow is longer than mine
It splays across the ground like a giant
We are together, our fingers entwined,
side by side we stand, sharing the sun.

They splay across the ground like giants
The shadows we make , silhouettes  from light
Designed in love to symbolize
life , On a continuum,

Together mother and child , I thrive
I will grow and my shadow will be long
As hers will disappear and mine takes her place
I will bring my daughters to the sun

We will cast our shadows on the ground
She will see me as I saw you
And I will remember love , past and present
On life’s continuum

Written on August 8, 2010, by Sharon L. Carr

For my mother

When Dolphins Cry

Second-generation wolphin female "Kawili ...

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The days the dolphins cried

The water acidified and died.

The birds could not fly,

Suffocation by oil was why.

Huddled together in masses

The dead and dying took refuge

In the mangroves, once the breeding

Grounds for fish, shellfish and birds.

Whales, goliaths of the sea,

Carried by the tide

Brought in later as debris

Left to waste by chemicals

Applied to disperse

The oil.

All the while those in charge

Would point fingers and lie,

To save face,

The days the dolphins cried.

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